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As Mr. J. Steffen stated "I literally raked up over 40 large bags of leaves this year, leaves from trees on city property, not my trees. Did you catch that, they’re not mine!". I can get where he is coming from as many of us do.

The street we live on is lined with city trees and they are not even a nice tree. We have even asked the city to cut ours down. The leaves from the trees on our street are very small and a pain to rake up. I do not agree with the city charging $5.00 at all for there own leaves. If I have to pay the $5.00 I should be able to send them a bill for the damage done to my property every year because of there tree along with gas and an hourly rate for the raking.

I have had to replace my sidewalk at my expense, have my leaf filled gutters cleaned twice a year at my expense, wash our vehicles almost every day in the spring due to sap all over them and that's not including all the sap that gets brought into my home. The list of problems with our tree is not worth the one good thing and that's shade.

For every one against this new fee of having to pay to dump the city's "yard waste" this was a plan that someone had, they will pay the $5.00 but not to the city! They will pay a local orchard to burn it during burning season, many orchards are closer than the landfill anyway. Now you might be thinking why still pay the $5.00 well think of it as a donation to a local business.

Kevin Blake

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