Not always a happy reunion

On my adopted daughters 19th birthday a post appeared on Facebook containing her picture along with all my daughters personal information that was available in an attempt to get her last name and address. 

This post was authored by my daughters birth mother.  I can announce that the post was a success as the information requested was obtained many times over. I know the people who responded to the post meant well, thought they were helping a mother out by supplying contact information. 

However if you think about it, there is a reason why someone is available for adoption in the first place and there is a reason why the adoption is closed (as stated in the post). We had reasons why we didn't want members of our daughters birth family showing up at our door.

This whole event has been deeply upsetting to our family and we aren't the only ones that this could happen to.  Keep in mind when someone puts out a post looking for someone, as appealing as they might sound, it may not be a happy reunion.

Rob Drake

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