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How did the federal government get into such a mess? Did we not have a “working” payroll prior to the Phoenix system? How was the old system so flawed that we had to have a new system? Who recommended the Phoenix system to the government, was it a lobbyist? Someone that could spread some money about the offices in Ottawa to facilitate the new system, Phoenix, to be purchased? 

Is this as bad a purchase as the 4 submarines from the UK? Many large companies have huge payroll systems, do they use Phoenix?  How much more money will we have to add to this new system to put out the fire that is spreading? Is there no check and balance when we have to purchase something new for so much money?  Who said that we needed to purchase 4 new to us, used submarines that the UK did not want to put into service? Who were the lobbyist or salesmen involved? Did they also have a Phoenix system to get rid of? 

We, as tax payers need to see the inside stories of who is lobbying and for what. Too many expensive bad deals made behind closed doors and no one is fired for making these deals. It is okay to steal or cheat the government, they have so much money. It is not really stealing or cheating as long as we do not get caught, right?

Jorgen Hansen

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