Fix broken charter

We need to fix what we as a country have broken stated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in his year end conversation with Lisa Laflamme.

How I as a veteran agree with his statement. We need to fix the “new Veterans Charter” which the Liberals have broken, continued with the Conservatives for 10 years and to date have band aided with the latest release by the Minister of Veteran Affairs. The question we veterans have asked for years, to fix the veterans charter the way veterans want and need. The Pension Act which all other Canadians enjoy and by the PM's statement to fix what we as a country have broken needs action.

Need is not greed as some think by the attempt by this government to bamboozle Canadian citizens with your latest so called lifelong pension dealing with approx 12% of injured veterans. It is not a life long pension.  The present award average is approx 42,000, how would you as PM and the Minister divide this amount into a life long pension?

Dale Dirk

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