Re: icy sidewalks

Carol, in a perfect world everyone with a sidewalk used by the general public would be young, healthy, strong, male, only because men's centre of gravity is from their chests up, as compared to women whose center of gravity is around their waist, middle section for bearing children. Hence when women are forced to shovel snow they have to lift their own body weight, plus the weight of the snow on the shovel and factor into the equation is the shovel aluminum, steel, iron, and if she is really, really, really lucky, plastic. Well having said all this, I think you have my point. Oh and not all females have extra money to hire men to shovel snow, or use a machine to do so. 
Personally rather than fine the homeowner, check to see their circumstances first. If you don't see a man or men around, then get your grandkids to burn off their bent up energy while visiting you to help old, senior, handicapped, house bound women to clear their sidewalks so you can sashay along your way!

Catherine Knox

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