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I am not a teenager anymore and have now read many books on religions. I am not a scholar but I feel that I have a general picture of the goings on relating back 4000 years or more.  I will not pick on any one religion but discuss the concept of the brainwashing effect. 

Parents usually form the religion in their children by starting early in their lives because young brains are so easily imprinted with ideas of religion, this covers nearly 100% of religions. What is missing is the “tolerance for other thoughts/religious views” which should be considered along with the other teachings. Man created religions from ideas developed over many years. No magic gold plates came down from the heavens with the magic teachings. Religions were formed very early in historical times to aid in controlling the masses. 

With the lack of  tolerance for others wars are created, genocide is encouraged and shunning of others with different thoughts causing rifts among us. My young years were imprinted with a God in heaven and that the priest was a “special man”. My parents were not religious in the respect that we went to church regularly. I was asked to attend Sunday school but found that I had too many questions and was interruptive in class. So, I picked apples in the garden and did not attend anymore. 

In the middle east, home of the three major religions referring to the great book, we find that intolerance is still smoldering and sometimes on fire. Why can we not let the fire go out and love one another for what we are, life is very short, too short for fires among religions. 

Jorgen Hansen

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