Patient or prisoner?

I was just wondering when it became legal in Canada to deny someone medical treatment if they are a smoker?

I was recently in the Penticton hospital for a pre-op and post-op interview for a knee replacement. The nurse told me in a very forceful voice that no one is allowed to smoke or use a vaporizer in or near the hospital! This same nurse kept telling us to take more pain medications rather than be in pain. 

As someone who does not want narcotics in my body does this mean I don't have a choice?  Does this mean that I will be held prisoner if I smoke outside the building any place?

I was locked in a ward by myself during my last stay in this hospital and treated like a criminal with no rights whatsoever. I'm actually afraid of what might happen to me while I have to stay there, this is a surgery I need.  
I am not smoking today but over the years I have paid more taxes than these self righteous non-smokers who honestly believe they have the right to abuse patients. I don't want narcotics in my body nor do I want to be abused. Afraid of nurses not the actual surgery.

Kerry Kozak

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