Left without leftovers

So recently Kelowna Gospel Mission had their Christmas dinner and I always take my friend Dodie to it every year and she goes there almost everyday so staff all knows her.

We sat down to get our meals and usually we would be allowed to take a second meal in a to go container to take home. She would take home a meal for here dad and I take one to my husband. We were eating our meal and I asked our server if we could get our second meal in a to go container. The server said we would have to ask another gentleman by the name of Terry. Terry then came over to our table, I asked and he said no and walked away.

Meanwhile the lady across from us was saying how she had been on her 4th meal and that she had taken a couple home with no problem. So as we are sitting eating I see Terry bring a gentleman 3 to go containers and watched a bunch of people put their meals in a their tupperware. After we ate and I asked another staff member why we couldn't have a to go container. There were 3 staff members who said we could but may need our own container (which i had one but Didio didn't). So we went outside for like 15-20 minutes and came back in.

We sat down at different table and asked for a meal, we ate a few bites and I took out my container to put our meal in when all of sudden Terry comes behind me and said we had to leave. I asked why and he said because we were putting our meal in our container. I asked him why he was he doing this to us after I seen him passing out to go containers and talking to people while they put their meal in their own container. He told us to leave again, so I told Dodie to give me her meal and I would put her meal in my container. As Dodie went to pass me her plate Terry ripped the plate our of her hand and threw it in the garbage. I was shocked! All of a sudden Dodie let out a scream and started to cry and I don't blame her.

The whole room looked our way, I asked again why he was doing this especially at this time of year and I thought that the Gospel Mission was suppose to give to the needy yet he was throwing away a perfectly good meal. The whole room was in shock by his actions and a few people were saying "boo".

Dodie was still crying as we got our coats on and as we walked pasted the kitchen 4 staff members gather around us and passed Dodie a to go container to say that they were sorry for Terry's actions. I don't know why these staff members have to apologize for Terry's actions, he shouldn't have taken Dodie's meal and threw it away in the garbage first place.

The Kelowna Gospel Mission is for people in need of food and is a place for the homeless to sleep at night. It's a shame that The Gospel Mission is represented by someone who can act like this. Terry acted like he paid for this meal but he didn't, this meal was all from donations that the lovely people of Kelowna had given. It Christamas time and like most people that have a low income we are struggling to put on a great Christmas for our loved ones while trying to pay off bills and get by. 

Jessie Brosseau

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