Forgotten veterans

Another year has passed and our elected Politicians have again broken many promises to veterans and their families.

The Liberals: Prime Minister J. Trudeau, August 24, 2015. Quote: If I have earned the right to serve this Country as your Prime Minister, no veterans will be forced to fight their own Government for the support and compensation they have earned! End of quote.

The top 2 most important issues remain unsolved: The return of the pension Act for Disability benefits. The termination of the Veterans CPP pension claw back.

The Conservatives: Former Prime Minister Harper, 2005 election campaign, Quote: When a motion passes the democratic elected majority of the House of Commons, The Government shall honour that motion! End of quote. On May 5, 2010, while Conservative MP’s were directed to vote against the CPP Bill C-201 the count was successful. The vote recorded was 149 yeas and 134 nays. The speaker of the House of Commons declared that Bill C-201 was carried, but he then discharged it from the agenda because Prime Minister Harper refused to seek a Royal recommendation. Bill C-201 died on the order table.

The NDP’s: Since the departure of The Hon. Jack Lawton, Peter Stoffer and Megan Leslie the NDP party has remained silent and non supportive of Veterans issues. The new Leader Mr. Jagmeet Singh remains unelected and non transparent towards Military/RCMP Veterans issues.

When will our elected leaders remember the sacrifices that our Military/RCMP veterans and their families have provided to the security of Canada? Veterans spouses have lost many income/employment opportunities as a result of numerous operational moves.

Did Politicians forget about the sacred trust obligation to veterans? Must veterans look for law firms to fight the same Government they were prepared to provide the ultimate sacrifice for?

The Committee wishes a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our Forgotten Military/RCMP veterans. We wait one more year!

John Labelle

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