Water in remote areas

Our federal government has $30 billion to spend/waste in Afghanistan, billions for old no damn good submarines, money for all types of military hardware, money to give to the Aga Kahn (for what), money to waste on new does not work Phoenix payroll system (what was wrong with the old system, maybe the lobbyist were in Ottawa?) and so on, we can write a book on government waste. 

We also support our Canadians in remote Canada with federal money but billions just don’t seem to be enough.  Where does all the billions go? It does not seem to go to supplying potable water. Just how much would potable water cost? Could we do it for $30 billion? Is potable water feasible for all? Could it be done with 3 or more bids?

Our town of Kelowna will spend $42 million just for one district to “filter/treat drinking water from Bear Creek”.   So much money and no where to spend it. Should we allow Canadian children to drink unfit water? Maybe our government is “spilling to much cash in the wrong areas?”

Jorgen Hansen

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