Understand tax changes?

How does the mathematics work in the government financial minds? They can keep on lowering the taxes on certain groups while borrowing more money from all the mega fat banks leaving our grand children with the burden of repaying these mega loans. It just does not add up. 

Apparently, the Canadian book on the tax system is almost as fat as many Bibles and just as difficult to interpret, why is this so?  It is done on purpose so the lay people will “need” accountants (the priests of the financial world) to read and interpret the Bible of the tax systems. It also reads in favour of the moneyed people with special tax status for them that can hire the better tax priests to interpret the tax laws to their benefit. Is this a fair system for us all? 

I say no since we should all be paying our share. So, would a “flat rate system of taxes” be more fair? Each man, woman and child would have a basic amount that would be tax free income for actual living costs. Then, we should pay the percentage necessary for our governments to operate the necessary programs of government business without the need to enter into mega loans with the fat banks. But, some say that this would make some of the tax priest unnecessary so we would have some higher unemployment in that field.  We could hire some of them to help produce new more fair tax Bibles that are thinner (save on paper). 

If governments do not have to borrow so much money from the fat banks to operate programs then we could maybe pay a lower rate of taxes. I believe our federal government is in hoc to the fat banks for over $600,000,000 and that does not include the loans that the provinces owe to the fat banks. The sum is staggering, isn’t it? The banks love to lend money to the federal and provincial governments because it is the most “secure“ loans that they make. They are just happy to receive the interest on the loans and let the principal stay put in the loans. 

We have a choice, pay the fair share of taxes or pay the banks. Paying our fair share of taxes to run our government is the price of living in our beautiful safe country, amen to the tax Bible. Keep it simple, probably not in my life time. Some people are afraid of change.

Jorgen Hansen

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