RE: Distracted parking

Colonial rule strikes again. It’s no wonder Gordon Marshall is confused about getting that ticket, but there is a very simple explanation for his dilemma.

It’s important to be reminded that we are still a colonial society, with the Queen as our Head of State and British common law, a system where laws randomly are being subjected to interpretation on a mere whim.

In democratic societies where they have civil law, the people write the laws, and the judges are obliged to enforce them. Judges who are harbouring doubts about their interpretation of any law, are obliged to consult the people who wrote those laws, to determine what the laws were intended to accomplish.

In Canada politicians are writing the laws on behalf of the people like they should, and there is also where it falls apart. Instead of enforcing those laws the Canadian judiciary has completely disconnected from the real world, and have arbitrarily decided to exercise their colonial prerogatives, and are busily engaged in interpreting and rewriting our laws.

Andy Thomsen

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