RE: ICBC head moving on

Mike Bell's letter (ICBC head moving on, Dec.11) is insightful and accurate. Hopefully, it will spur others to scrutinize those in office that control our families cost of living. He poses a rhetorical question that asks if others view the departure of ICBC CEO Mark Blucher as a "captain abandoning ship, maybe to escape scrutiny". I would say anyone with a double digit IQ can see it and it's more like a rat abandoning a sinking ship. The "going got tough" so Mr. Blucher got going. He will skulk away with his $410,000 income and $69,000 pension, while leaving ICBC in such dire straits that we now have to pay the highest premiums in Canada to keep it afloat.

There seems to be 3 rules that heads of corporations, business, and government follow : (1) cover your behind, (2) excrement flows down hill, and (3) when it is about to hit the fan, abscond with your salary, severance, and pension leaving someone else to face the music. But this is old news, in the 1984 election Pierre Trudeau threw John Turner under the bus and skedaddled rather than take responsibility for his policies. Brian Mulroney did likewise to Kim Campbell in the 1993 election. Let's not forget top executives who took millions in bonuses while running their respective companies into the ground.

Mr. Bell is right when he calls this white collar crime. It is an affront to all Canadians that live their lives ethically, honestly and with integrity and for a lot less salary. Kudos to Mike for speaking up. Now, if the rest of the province (and country) would do so we could make these skulkers face the consequences of their actions.

Robert Brown

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