Voter turnout

If some countries can obtain 86% or more in voter turn out, then why are we satisfied with 56%? How do we improve this? 

Making voting compulsory may not be the answer.  How about a tax deduction for voting? Say $100 for your tax deduction or if your earnings are too low, then an equivalent cheque at tax time for voting? At the voting booth, you would be issued the slip for tax purposes to prove you voted. 

Remember, our last Liberal government only obtained 22% of the available votes to gain a majority government. Having to vote is a privilege that many people about the world can only dream of and we talk as if our vote really does not count if you don’t vote, of course it does not count.  

When you stay home at election time, then someone else will decide for you about who is elected then all you have left to do is gripe and complain. 

Go to the voting place, you may meet neighbours or friends you have not seen for awhile plus cast your opinion/vote.

Jorgen Hansen

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