Tests are not the answer

More testing for drivers is not where the problem is. Oh sure there are some that do not know the rules of the road but it is those who do know and choose to break them that appears to be a bigger problem.

I drove a commercial race horse carrier over 70,000 miles per year for ten years. I did not have an accident or a citation. I was able to do that by obeying the rules,  not by passing a test every time I renewed my license.

What are you going to do with those who pass the test and still refuse to obey the rules?

This is a mentality issue. There are those who are chronic rule breakers and they are going to continue to break the rules no matter how many tests they take. It does not help to take their license away as they will drive anyway. A slap on the wrist as is so often the case now, only contributes to their delinquency.

It appears that only severe punishment will change the minds of those who are continually inclined to break the rules. Heavy, heavy fines may get the message across. If they cannot pay the fine they can jolly well sit it out in jail.

Martha Cantarini

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