Letter:UBC/OUC Good

To the editor:

Your headline smacks of irresponsible journalism. This is our valley, and if that is what we are to be given, then let's celebrate. The last time everyone in Kelowna complained, they gave the university to Prince George. If you remember, everyone in Prince George stood up and said - "we want a university!" The UBC option comes with $50 million - what a fabulous boon to our town. Let's rally and work with the opportunity we have been given. The press can take a leadership role - if they choose. Or they can brand us as small-minded retrogrades - again.

Many of the people who have worked so hard to get full status university for OUC are celebrating now - what do you think UBC affiliation is if not FULL STATUS. Please do not confuse "full status" with "free standing". The future of this partnership is not laid in cement - our city has the ability to shape the future and make it a very successful collaboration.

It is also instant recognition - an opportunity to encourage the best and the brightest to our valley in so many fields. Remember that UBC is one of the best universities in the country, not a boogyman to be chased away.

-Ruth Rochlin

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