A mess left by government

Much has been written and talked about re-site C dam. How did the dam come about to be started without consulting the utility demand? 

When we had the last Liberal election win, about 56% or so of the 100% voters, turned up at the poles, but Christy Clark won a majority in the house with 22% of the 100% of the votes that could have been cast. With this majority, she could do what she pleased, she could bypass the utility assessment, dictate that we need and must have site C dam without anyone being able to say, “hold it, we should discuss this and evaluate the need”. Even if you were a Liberal in the house, you would vote for with her or worry about the next election chances of you being allowed to run again and fulfill your government pension. Christy cannot sign your election papers. So, what is the answer? 

Other members of the house may not have wanted the dam or wanted the proper investigation of “need” before proceeding. With her “ 22% majority” she did just what she wanted. The whole project was to give her a legacy for us to remember her by and think of how great she was as a premier. 

I hope our voters can now see why this first past the post is not a good system. With proportional representation there would have been no “dictator majority with just 22% of available votes”. The dam would have been discussed, priced, find the need or not and then the whole house would be allowed to make the call to build or not to build. This dam will be built on the say so of one person, the dictator.  If voters of BC hire 88 MLA's to work in the house on behalf of our province, should they not all “work and make the decisions” or should the “dictator” make all the calls? 

We should not blame the present government for the mess that was left for our children to pay off, it will be difficult enough to make the money just to run the daily affairs. Please think PR for our next election, a change away from a dictatorship could be in the best interest of our grand children. 

Jorgen Hansen

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