More tests, less accidents

'Vehicle slams building' Not too surprised when this happens, or any other accidents really, ICBC, and people in general are very reactive instead of proactive. 

I have an operators license to drive a forklift, which I must renew every 3 years. To renew, I have to take both a written test and a 'road' test. If I show that I am driving unsafe, or have forgotten the rules of operation, I don't pass and must not use the forklift. Yes, I know this machine only goes maybe 5km/hour at top speed, but I am driving it indoors around people, which makes it easy to have an accident if I am operating it in an unsafe manor. 

My BC drivers license however, I have had for almost 20 years, have renewed multiple times, and not once have I been required to write even a written test, never mind a road test, to make sure I am still knowledgeable of driving laws, requirements, and safety. I may have even not driven the entire time between renewals and still renewed with no questions asked. 

How is this safe? If we want to lesson the accidents in our roads, and make driving safer for everyone, then we should at the very minimum be requiring drivers to take a written test at every renewal, and, in my opinion, a road test at least every 2nd renewal. I understand this would be costly, but I am sure the result would decrease accidents, and claims thereby more than paying for the costs. Imagine the lives that could be saved from preventative measures.

Sheri Pybus

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