What would others do?

We have heard the wrath by at least two of the three other parties in Canada as to what the PM is not doing and what he should be doing in allowing Canadians who return from fighting with ISIS against the free world.

Believe me i have my own ideas but what i would like to hear from all parties is exactly what Canadian laws allow the PM to do? Can he forbid them from coming home? Can he place them in jail? Can he remove their passports or are his hands tied because of previously enacted laws by Parliament allowing the following, a Canadian is a Canadian. 

It has already cost us at least 20 million dollars for two screw ups which were inherited by Trudeau and a third on the books so now what. If Jagmeet and Andrew would come out from behind the hallowed walls of parliament and be honest with  Canadians instead of trying to  make political points and tell the truth then we might get somewhere. 

If it were up to me, none of them would be allowed back into Canada but i don't think our laws permit that action. We cant place them in jail so like some who have wandered into the wilderness, we have no choice but to re educate them. If that sounds like i am going easy on them, not in a long shot. I am a veteran and have my own thoughts but I also served to uphold the laws of Canada. Jagmeet and Andrew and for that matter Ms May, speak.

Dale Dirks

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