Complacent on gas prices

I just read the letter from a concerned resident of Vernon about the price of gas. I'm very surprised that this person is mad at how the price of gas changes from town to town no matter what is said is the reason. Well this is part of the problem that most people do not notice the gas prices at all. They just pull up to the pump and gas up.

In Lake Country we have 2 gas stations one just up the street from the other approximately 500 meters between the two. The other day the first one had a price of 127.9 and the other was 123.9. The prices stayed that way for over a day and yet people were filling up at the higher priced station. Do you know how infuriating this is to those of us who care what we pay at the pump?

We are too bloody complacent or too lazy to do anything about this price fixing. A lot of us have been complaining for years over gas gouging so I'm glad you now realize what is going on. Make your voice known to your friends and maybe, just maybe if enough of us complain about this in our province something will change. By the way Vernon's gas price are usually in line with Lake Country's prices or in some cases cheaper but the fact that Prince George for the last few years has been paying far less per liter for gas than we all have is criminal and our lazy butt politicians should be doing something about this for us and not just collecting huge taxes at the pump.

Greg Brosnikoff

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