Giving to seniors in need

With Christmas in the near future I have some ideas for giving to others. If you are physically able, willing and have the means to, why not help elderly or handicapped homeowers get their garbage or recycling to the curb?
Some elderly people live on incredibly steep inclines and with the wheels on the huge and heavy, green containers, that work for the pick up trucks (and pay huge money into whomever invented them and their enablers), but could send a senior for a life threatening skate or fall.
Shovel seniors' driveways or sweep the snow from their vehicle so that they can drive to their cancer, or dialysis appointments at the hospital. Or maybe, even drive them to their hospital appointment and offer to pick them up because as we all know, parking is at a premium in and around the hospital.
Just a tiny thought of mine that I hope will happen for the hundreds, maybe thousands of seniors that live in their own homes, here in Kelowna!
(Ps. not all seniors have their children living here to help them!  I also hope/wish/pray, that all of you that read this, share this/these thoughts to those whom you thing can help.)

Catherine Knox 

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