Misinformed on Airbnb

“We don't need more mayhem in our neighborhoods.” Strong statement. I would like to see some examples of local, not world wide, mayhem that would support such contention. I used to tell my kids not to make ridiculous, non supportable statements like the above.

I have friends who have a ABNB on their property in an upscale neighborhood and there have been zero complaints and zero problem guests. No criminals (at least none that plied their trade while they were here) no wild parties and no “druggies”.

“The noise can sometimes be unbearable not to mention the mess some of these people leave behind on the property. Constant parties, people coming and going” Ms. Wright goes on to say. These are very strong words and Ms. Wright makes herself sound like a very malcontented person indeed and most definitely paints a picture of her in my mind that may or may not be accurate.

Any situation that involves people has the potential to become derailed and cause problems. There is nothing special about ABNB in that regard. In fact, ABNB is a very well run organization and not just anyone can become a guest or be a supplier. There are actually standards that have to be adhered to assure both groups that each of them is on the up and up.

Not to say that stuff hasn’t happened because we have all heard the stories and some of them are truly remarkable but again, they involve people and people can ruin just about anything they set their minds to.

But they are in the minority and it really ticks me off when some of us would have the rest of us believe that because a system isn’t perfect and some folks may have even been inconvenienced or may have even heard through the vine that someone entirely removed from them may have been (gasp!) inconvenienced, that the whole dang lot needs to be run out of town on a rail. No good varmints.

Ms. Wright may be surprised to learn that some of those very things that she attributes to the plague that is ABNB are going on in those very homes in those very neighborhoods where ABNB isn’t.

What ever shall we do?

That epitomizes the nimby mindset and I’m sorry, but that just isn’t right.

Peter Haslock

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