Time for council change

Local council operates in a fashion that prevents younger people with fresh ideas ever being able to get a seat on council. The majority of Councillors are either at retirement age or self employed with personal agendas.

With the majority of council and committee meetings scheduled during daytime hours it is difficult for the working person to attend.

By limiting meetings to day time hours we are excluding a large segment of the community. Seniors are often slower to accept change and as such do not set policies that mirror the wishes of our younger generation. 

We are trusting our young people to make our communities strong but at the same time, not making provisions which would allow them to participate in the decision making process.

We are a generation that operates twenty four hours a day, every day. It is time for politics to catch up. Council needs to attract the very best as well as a cross section of the community it services. Time to change policies and allow more fresh faces on council.

Gordon Parrott

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