Healthcare system crash

Most of us get enraged when ICBC puts up rates because of increased accidents. For those of us that have a long safe driving record we are paying for others.

It appears now that logic will apply to MSP and those that have group benefit coverage with their employer. With every new high cost drug that people demand the government pay for we all end up paying with increase premiums. Where does it stop? 

Don't get me wrong these people need the life saving treatment and I would do the same, but at what point is our healthcare system going to crash because we cannot sustain this. 

As one writer said, we need to go after the drug manufacturers to lower the cost. I would like to see the financials on how they determined this drug cost $750,000 per year. I repeat that is per year! This person requires this every year for the rest of their lives,  just imagine

Carole Kormendy

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