Parent involvement is key

This letter is in response to “Their Report Cards are a Lie”, an article posted on Castanet.net. In this article, David Brough states that his son is below expectations in reading and writing. Jennifer Bales shared her story regarding her child unable to spell and make certain vowel sounds.  While I certainly hear the frustration voiced by these parents, it is important to keep one thing in mind.

It is not only the school’s responsibility to ensure these children are reading at a particular level, this is also a responsibility of the parents. There is no magic answer to education however, the blame should not only be shouldered by the school. If your child has made it to grade 5 and you are just seeing a problem now, that may indicate that this is not just a problem with the school.

My daughter and son attended the Waldorf School in Kelowna, my daughter now 22 years old is in her 3rd year of university with a 4.2 grade average and my son graduated high school last year, consistently on the honour role. You can rest assured, that we did not leave our kids at school Monday through Friday with no monitoring or continuous progress checks within our own household.

I would like to remind all parents regardless of the school choice you make, the key to success is being involved with your child, whether with education, sports, or any other activity. Get familiar with the resources available to you if you feel your child may have a learning disability.

Do not however, look immediately for someone else to blame.

John G. Sherman

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