Glenmore Rd needs update

This is an open letter to voice my concern over a transportation corridor long overdue for four lane update. Namely Glenmore road North of Union street, all the way to Seaton road in Lake Country.

As a daily commuter on this stretch, I am continually dismayed about the safety and condition of this corridor due to a number of factors. First as we all are aware, both Kelowna and surrounding area have experienced exponential growth in population. An 8.6% growth for Kelowna (6th highest in Canada as recently reported), coupled with a 10.4% growth in Lake Country, has added to the congestion on all routes to and from Kelowna.

I am sure this has factored in to the much needed highway 97, 6 lane project currently underway, however Glenmore Road has been neglected as it is also a widely used commuting choice. Second, with this growth it is putting a strain on highway alternate commuting, including Glenmore road. It used to be a native “little secret” route to and from Winfield area and beyond, but it is no longer and continues to be an observed safety issue in my opinion due to the types of traffic, inadequate lighting, and types of drivers using it. Third, With this increase I see daily everything from school busses, tanker trucks, tandem haulers, 18 wheelers and wide loads making use of this road, alongside standard cars and trucks. It continually increases in use due to the population and housing explosion in all areas in between.

This coupled with what I call impatient drivers, causes many close calls (observed) when these drivers decide to pass. What I ask for consideration is fairly simple. A continuation of four lane road from north of Union all the way out to Seaton road in Lake Country. I have also observed that the “land” needed for this would take minimal upgrades due to the shoulders being quite wide (about 80%-90% of this distance would not need significant effort to level and pave). Serious consideration of redesign of the intersection at Glenmore Road/Seaton and Highway 97 in Lake Country. This intersection is a huge source of “bottlenecks” during peak travel times and is compounded by the significant increase in commercial traffic. Further it is also runs right beside private dwellings which suffer from being “blocked in” on a daily basis.

Some form of solar or green selection of lighting along this stretch of road. This area currently is very dark especially in winter months and would benefit greatly from having a visible roadway. (I touch on the impatient drivers here) Being that this area spans both Kelowna and Lake Country, I would like to think from an infrastructure update perspective that costs for doing the upgrades would be borne by both Kelowna and Lake Country in some form of shared burden on the tax paying public. Thus lessening the hit on one specific jurisdiction. I for one would be willing to have an increase in taxes to make this happen!

In closing I would also like to mention that as time goes on here, I have seen major increases in construction which will only serve to exacerbate the situation. I suggest a proactive approach on this matter to ensure that the safety and needs of this vital, much used corridor are met. It’s only a matter of time from what I’ve seen until something very serious occurs on this road.

Ryan Campbell

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