A loving family the answer

We all long to live happy and valuable lives and we all urgently desire a world of peace. But if that is true, then why has it been an impossible goal to achieve? We have never seen a world of peace, but every human longs to live there. We live in a society where we have increasing drug problems, terrorist bombings, shootings, home invasions and now many of our Hollywood Heroes are being exposed as sexual predators when we have all but worshiped them and longed to be like them!

The Government, the churches, the United Nations, will not solve our problems; if they could have, they would have at least made some progress over the last many decades of untold investment. We spend countless millions of dollars, untold hours of human investment and so much prayer, volunteerism, endless councils, commissions, research, discussion groups, all with no documentable, beneficial results. Our problems are getting worse. Many segments of our society live in fear, squalor and homelessness, and we have been helpless to solve any of these problems.

Isn’t it possible, that all of these problems are the result of decaying families in our society? As the family has broken down, society has followed; as the family has continued to decay with broken homes, single parents, relaxed morals and self-centered love, society cannot help but follow just as night follows day. Our society good or otherwise,  comes on the foundation established by our families, good or otherwise and likewise will follow our Nation.

The solution to drug overdoses cannot come from extra police, more “anti drug” education or Naloxone anti drug overdose availability. It can only come when we become committed to healthy families and make more effort to become the best mothers and fathers we can be, who are willing to sacrifice self focused activities, to invest in healthy marriages and healthy families.

The only way we can build a strong, healthy and happy society free from the scourge of drug addiction, suicide, hatred and intolerance, is on the foundation of strong, healthy and happy families. The family is the foundation for good citizens and the foundation of a good society. The family is where we learn to love! The happy family is the only place where we can have hope for our future as individuals, and hope for our society and nation.

The only place where we have any hope of overcoming the problems we face is not in more laws and more arrests and not even in more education. It is in supporting and encouraging families, becoming mentors to those who struggle, encouraging couples to engage in marriage support programs.

As Parents, It is essential that we commit to loving our children and dedicating our lives to them in such a way that they will be inspired and feel loved and be determined to overcome problems in their own families and not just run away or give up when things become difficult. We must become the example as loving parents and spouses. Our children must know they are loved always and no matter what. To build these healthy families each of us need to learn to have an attitude of living for the sake of others, especially in our own family. The choices are ours as individuals.

There is no other way; we have tried them all and failed miserably.

John Abelseth

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