Something smells fishy

“All it takes for spring water to change course or quality is a crack the size of a pinhole.” (Summerlanders for Sensible Development website)

The developers of the Banks Crescent Project are, supposedly, going to drill and dig holes for three underground parking levels, even though it could possibly fracture the bottom of the lot and/or affect the spring water below where they are drilling the holes. Isn’t it reasonable for the owners of the trout hatchery to be nervous about having this development approved, considering the fact that the spring underneath the development, Shaughnessy Spring is where they get their water from?

I am a student of Summerland Secondary School, who is currently in a Civics 11 course. My class has had a few people visit our class from both points of view on the Banks Crescent Project; some who support it and some who are against it. Each student in my Civics class have each created a pros and cons table, looked through many newspapers and searched websites as forms of research. My class has also visited Mayor Peter Waterman in council chambers.

The fish hatchery receives one-hundred million dollars per year in the province’s economy. The water that enters the hatchery is already in a sensitive area but if something goes wrong with the project, that could change from bad to worse. Why take such a large risk like this when there is a pretty good chance that the development will affect this one, small fish hatchery in such a large way? I honestly believe that the people of Summerland and the city council should certainly rethink their decision.

The fish hatchery is not the only reason why I believe the Banks Crescent Project should not be approved. In the cold, icy season that we call winter, the roads around the area where they are proposing to build the development are going to be extra icy, plus the road is uphill! There is a much greater chance of people getting into accidents that way. I know they are going to do things to improve the road and make it wider, but I honestly think they should just spare themselves the time and money. It is already going to be lots of money and lots of time to build the actual Banks Crescent Development, but that is going to mean even more money and time spent on improving and rebuilding the road. The developers are going to have to pay one-and-a-half million dollars to redo the roads. I’m starting to ask myself if some of the money they are putting towards rebuilding the roads is coming from taxpayers.

I personally think that the people wishing to turn this dream into a reality are making a large mistake. I would not take this many risks, all for just building some seniors development. There is too much money and time that is going to be wasted on this development. They should spare themselves the time and money by not building this project. I believe that the council of Summerland should use the money they want to put towards the development towards something more useful; perhaps something more for the youth part of the town. Think about it; this town already has five seniors’ homes, but practically nothing for the youth of Summerland to do. If the project does get built, the developers are supposedly going to build an indoor gym for working out, a pool, and a movie theatre. Summerland does already have a pool and a sort-of gym, but we haven’t even attempted building even a small movie theatre.

If we let this project go through, it would also mean paving over a beautiful vineyard, and possibly blocking the view of the lake for some people. The fact that they would be paving over such a gorgeous place is definitely a big part of why I am against it as well.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the Banks Crescent Development should not be put through. It could affect the fish hatchery’s water and it is, in my opinion, a bad place to build the project because of the view possibly getting blocked and the fact that the road that it would be getting built next to is an uphill road and gets quite icy during winter. I am not asking for you to decline the development just because of just one person or even many people, I am simply asking you to consider the facts and opinions that I have presented for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter; it is greatly appreciated.

Amber Fusco

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