Homeless free housing

I saw the news clip regarding the modular homes coming in for the homeless and have a few questions:

1) I sure hope the funding required for this project will not increase our taxes. I will never contribute in providing free housing to the homeless, the already get free food, free clothing, free medical, free drugs, free- free-free. Can you assure me that taxes will not be increased to support this project?

2) Why are these modular buildings being located downtown nearby where a vast majority of seniors live?  This will only guarantee more homeless wandering around the street and loitering on the 25th ave pathway, plus once word gets out to other cities (like Kelowna for example) their homeless will migrate here as well because the freebies are so much better here for them. Has any consultation been done with the residents who live nearby to see how they feel about this?

Wouldn't a better location be up near the landfill in the unused areas of land above the highway?  It's worthless land anyways and it would help get the homeless out of the downtown core. Hey, why not put out a public vote for locations for this project? Do something on the vernon.ca website tied to each property owners Folio number so they can only vote once and get an accurate response from people instead of just assuming this is the right thing to do.

We need to stop enabling these people to be homeless. Giving them everything is not helping them. Was there proper consultation done with the residents who live in those areas, let alone the rest of Vernon?  My own mother and mother in-law live in apartments on 27th ave and they definitely had no option to voice their disapproval. 

Please before it is too late, start making proper changes to fix this problem and relocate the homeless far from the city center. This is already a disaster and is only going to get worse, the homeless will continue to fleece us of everything they can for free and continue to complain that they need more. 

Has anyone even considered saying to all the 'do-gooders' out there that claim we have to help them, that they each take in 1 or 2 homeless into their own homes and help them get back on track? Oh no, if that were to be suggested, these 'do-gooders' will probably run and hide all of a sudden.

Rob Barker

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