No Evidence For Uniforms

To the editor:

There is little evidence that school uniforms improve discipline. They are merely a surface dressing that cannot hide the real, underlying socio-economic problems. Is the child well fed? Do they have good home support? Do they have social support? (Something all school staff must work on) And to believe, somehow, that uniforms could improve academic test results is just malarkey! Uniforms would also impose a hardship on Pearson Rd., parents who would now have to buy any second uniform plus personal clothing. Most elementary students would need more than one uniform. In fact, most studies show that an administration or discipline team who enforce rules consistently, with solid parent follow up, is the best method of discipline. Let's face it, student individuality is a part of their identity and they too have rights. This begs the questions, would the school staff have to wear uniforms? And if your workplace staff was having problems with morale would you solve it by imposing a uniform dress code or deal with the underlying causes? Administrators in any situation must deal with discipline problems and causes as they arise and not hide behind school uniforms. -RGV

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