WiFi an addiction

Recently I suggested to someone they not use WiFi to connect to the Internet, they were sitting next to their cable modem and would get a more stable, faster connections using a wired connection; they refused with a look of almost panic in their eyes similar to when one tries to take an addict's drug of choice away from them. 

I contacted a university professor that had studied related subjects.  Dr Lai of Washington immediately responded with a copy of a chapter in a book he had contributed to in the 1990's. Throughout the chapter there were many references to dopamine and emr radiation, enough to confirm there is association between drug responses and electromagnetic radiation.

Further search on the topic found others had noted an association between what was often called a dopamine endorphine response and wireless. The proliferation of everything wireless and the current opiate crisis have been in parallel. Is the current opiate epidemic just a coincidence. Does the association deserve  an unbiased and free of conflict of interest scientific study?  Even if the contribution was only 1%  how many lives would be saved if the proliferation of all things wireless was stopped.

Norm Ryder

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