Traffic woes

Just sitting here watching the traffic going and I use the term lightly, past our home on High road and cannot help but wonder when the Kelowna city council are going to give their collective heads a shake and realize that all this development they are approving is just going to cause more traffic problems in Kelowna.

We have lived in our home on High road for the past 17 years and have never seen the traffic backed up past our house heading towards Glenmore Drive like it is today. In the morning the traffic backs up past our home heading to the Clifton intersection as well. This is crazy!

I don’t believe Kelowna can sustain more people moving in here without major infrastructure upgrades taking precedence over approval for all sorts of high density housing popping up all over the place. Sad state of affairs which seems to escape the city council members.

Henning Jacobsen

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