Service roads failing grade

I went up to Chute lake yesterday and I was appalled at the condition of both Gillard forest service road and the KVR leading to the Chute lake  resort. The road and rail trail has some of the worst washboard I have ever seen. Who wants to take their expensive vehicles on that? There is even a washed out section starting to form on the KVR rail trail. The wooden bridge on the other side of Chute Lake Resort has a big hole in the decking.
The area up there is beautiful and used by many people for recreation. It is also an emergency alternate route south in case of any traffic issues with the bridge or highway. To have the forest service road and trail in this terrible condition is a disgrace. Gillard forest service road and sections of KVR need to be graded once in awhile. In fact many forest service roads that are close to town and used frequently need grading from time to time. Where is our tax money going?
I partly blame the last provincial Liberal government for this. They did not seem to take an interest in such things. I would hope the new NDP government would budget a little money for keeping some of our more popular forest service roads open to the public so we can enjoy the BC great outdoors.
Please contact your local MLA and see if we can get this issue resolved.

Mark Goddard

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