Promises made to veterans

In regards to the Prime Minister telling the caucus they need to stay focused. I agree but our PM needs to keep his promises and needs to stay focused on what he promised. I understand the way over deficit amount required to get Canada to where it is today and we are in a good spot. You cannot please everyone but there are more citizens in Canada then the middle class. Close to 600,000 seniors are under the poverty line.

The PM promised veterans (we have close to 800,000 veterans and at least 67,000 serving) the return of the life long disability pension for those who are injured while serving. We have heard snippets of what he might offer but nothing in stone yet. Still two years to go on his mandate.

He promised no veteran should have to take the government to task with a law suit, equitas is the main law suit when he promised this and he kept it on the books. Equitas is still on going, veterans against the government.

Information received by veterans from the new leader of the Conservatives and he too is promising the return of the life long disability pension, just like Trudeau. The old Conservative leader had 10 years to change this and he did not.

When veterans turn 65, their pension is clawed back by the total indexing received from age 55 to 65.   Approx 30% reduction when MP's and judges pensions are not. Are we not paid by the same government? 

Did PM Borden not say Canada has an obligation to take care of her veterans and up to and including 2005/2006 when the Liberals did away with the life long pension and brought in a one time buy out. This action saved the government millions of dollars but destroyed a lot of veterans, some on the streets in poverty.

The proof will be in the details when the next election is held and lets see how many more promises will be made and broken by all parties. Stay focused Liberals, listen and heed.

Dale Dirks

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