Tourist mistreating

My son and his wife came for a holiday and were staying in Vernon and came to Kelowna to have lunch with me on Thursday August 31.

They parked in the open air lot downtown near city park and paid for their parking. They returned about 5:15 pm to find their car towed, looking closer at the sign they found it said private parking. They called the tow yard and were told their car had been impounded at 5pm and that the lot closed in 15 minutes making it impossible to get their car out. When my son told the fellow they were in Vernon and needed to get home he simply replied, "That's not my problem." How would they have found accommodation for the night on a busy tourist long weekend? The car has Alberta plates so they are obviously tourists so why treat them so badly?

We all know how much tourist money means to our community and I can tell you we now have 2 tourists with a bad taste for BC.

Steve Iwan

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