Campfire ban

A number of us were on the Kettle Valley rail bed just north of Chute Lake on Saturday. We drove by a campsite that was littered with beer cans, bottle, and cups, along with half a large bag of chips. While retrieving the cans, we noticed that the ashes were still smoking as was a log left atop the ashes. After driving to the Chute Lake Lodge we were able to collect water, using a cooler we had with us plus several bottles we had retrieved from the campsite.

Returning to the campsite, we poured something like 20 litres of the water on the remains of the fire. Seeing the water converted to steam showed how much heat remained in the ashes.

How can anyone be so stupid as to have a fire when there is a campfire ban and to leave it without properly being put out?

Rick Gee

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