I hate the metric system

It might be great for the government and scientists, but for everyday ordinary Canadians it still stinks.

We don't weigh ourselves in kilograms or measure our height in cm, yet we purchase hamburger by the kilogram. Most everyday Joes measure a 2x4 cut in inches because the mm and cm on the stupid measuring tape are hard to see. An 8 foot 2x4 isn't 8 feet.  

60 miles per hour says that at 60 mph you will arrive in 1 hour. Simple. 95.63 km per hour means I have to think.

Mileage calculations for a trip down south, “hey Honey we are getting 11.1 litres per kilometre”, that sure is handy. Oh and our gallon is a different size than the USA. There goes checking mileage, unless you stay in your hotel with a calculator.

The coffee, milk and butter is never 454 grams (i.e. 1lb) on the grocery shelves anymore, it is less. So what the heck is a pound of coffee worth?

And what led me to this rant is when my wife asked me this Sunday morning, how big is the 100 Mile House fire? I said I just read on Castanet that it is 3,200 Hectares. “How many acres is that?” was her reply.

Ken Warren 

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