Slap USA with tarifs

I am hoping that our current Prime Minister of Canada, slaps USA with tariffs on all US products coming into our country. Closest to me and my co-workers hearts, grown in the USA apples. 
Beyond that I personally want absolutely none, what-so-ever.  No USA metal and/or metal/steel workers above the border line making pipe lines for LNG, oil, or water that feeds the USA. Truth be told, why should Canadian water, energy, oil, and gas be allowed beyond our borders to supply USA, and in the same vein, why not slap tariffs onto those so that the US consumers can pay for them.
Firing back, the US is unfairly taking advantage of Canada's unguarded borders to send Trump's rejected ethnic and religious people to feed off Canadian taxpayers goodwill and peacefulness.
Canada is now being forced to subject to Trump because Trump has failed to intimidate Mexico about paying for the wall or Russia for aligning with other foreign countries (if not and just only for Putin to stand his ground as a seasoned political leader as opposed to a reality star) and even other US politicians that don't agree to push through all Trump's ideas, such as doing away with Obama care etc., etc! Trump is trying to save face by bullying Canada as all his other dreams are not happening for him.  I have even noticed that all the people Trump hand chose are falling away as they realize they are dealing with a person who has created and lived his life in no other world, than Trump world! Sort of like, "Wayne's World", sorry Wayne! With an ego like Trump's, we all will pay the price of having North Korea's missiles land here on this side of the ocean.  Thanks Trump.
Catherine Knox

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