Sand, streets & road rash

I must extend my most heartfelt "Thank you!" to the wonderful woman that rescued my son on Monday.  He had just wiped out his bike on Mountain Ave and you were driving by in your white sedan when he flagged you down for help.  And you did help! You stopped and actually drove him and his bleeding knees and elbows home, but he didn't get your name!  I am so grateful for you.  No, it wasn't a big crash, he only has a little road rash, a fat lip and some injured pride, but regardless, he's my baby and you helped him when he was hurt and scared. I am so thankful for people like you, a grandmother with a granddaughter who also is 12 years old.
Sadly I do have some blame to lay.  Shame on the department that coordinates the street sweeping in the spring! I fully understand the need to sand the roads in the winter but it has been more than six weeks since the snow has disappeared from the streets!  I have been cringing every morning as my son rides his bike to school, repeatedly warning him to stay away from the grit covering a full metre wide of the road nearest the curb.  Great!  I'm advising my 12 year old son to ride in the middle of the road so he won't crash due to the loose gravel; I'm putting him in the way of cars and trucks!  Ugh!  Why has it been such a long time from snow melt to street sweeping?  Ironically, half an hour after my son bit the dust, the street sweeper cleared the exact spot where he crashed.  Too little, too late for my poor, scraped up little guy.
Tamara Stenback (and Ryder)

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