Help for Debbie

Your letter really hit home.  My family has been walking the "lose-your-home" tight-wire for over a year. Fortunately, we own our home, albeit really it's the bank’s due to our mortgage, but we are only a paycheque (or lack thereof) away from starting down the slippery slope of destitution.  I feel you, girl!  So I felt compelled to reach out with the only help I can offer. 

Firstly; have you tried a Mortgage Broker (not the folks at the Big Banks)?  My go-to guy is great; David Iverson at Dominion Lending Centres/Whitehouse Mortgages. When we first moved to Kelowna he was tireless in helping us achieve the ability to get a mortgage, and in the end he wasn't the guy that mortgaged us, so he did it all for basically gratis!  And to show what integrity he has, he still consults with me every time I call with a financial worry or question. I know this sound like a shameless "plug" for Dave, but I am truly just a really happy past client!
My other suggestion is: Think Smaller. Maybe your large family could find two homes next door, and by homes I mean Mobile-Homes. Yes, not the ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’, but a very cost-effective way to keep a roof over your heads.  Then maybe you could keep saving the pennies, and eventually move up.
That's all my advice for what it's worth.  Best of luck to you and your family.

Tamara Stenback

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