Greed has taken over

I read your letter and my heart goes out to you. I truly can't believe what is going on right in front of us while we all sit idly by. I keep hearing how we are so much better off than our parents were. I beg to differ. I grew up in a house of 8. We had a small house of about 1100 sq ft. My Mom didn't work and my Dad had an average paying job yet we made out fine. We didn't eat extravagant, rarely if ever ate in a restaurant but we survived just fine. We always had clothes on are backs and shoes on our feet. We were able to participate in things at school as they didn't ask parents for an arm and a leg for every little event. I played a lot of sports and was never denied a spot on the team because my parents couldn't afford it.

Anyway, I could go on and on but the point is you are right, it is ridiculous and I fear it will not get better for you and you're family any time soon. We are surrounded by governments that only care about themselves and could care less about your problems. They have no problem giving refugees a free ride while ignoring your plight because that's what's "politically correct" and makes them "look" good, (and don't criticize them for that or you'll be labeled a racist). You have utility companies whining for increases and charging exorbitant rates while paying million dollar salaries.

How about relators driving up house prices by creating bidding wars (don't kid yourselves, they create them) so they can make better commissions all in the name of "doing their job". Which in turn makes rentals so expensive that only the rich can afford them. As for new "affordable" housing being built, good luck with that unless you call $1,500/month "affordable". No I'm afraid there is no easy answer for you as greed has taken over. Yes I know salaries are higher etc., etc., etc., but I don't thing for a minute that we are better off than our parents.

Ken Quesnel

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