Three ways to prepare

With the provincial election taking place May 9, here are three ways for voters to prepare:

1. All candidates should be asked: "Do you support proportional representation? What do you and your party commit to do to make sure that every vote counts?"
See: fairvote.ca/bc-parties-pr

2. On April 22, Ken Boon, President of the Peace Valley Landowners' Association, will be speaking at 7:00 pm about the environmental and economic consequences if the Site C dam is built (First Annual Earth Day Coffee House, Unitarian Church, 1310 Bertram St.) Free admission.

Journalist Zoë Ducklow begins her April 19 article at TheTyee.ca: "Halting work on the Site C dam could save British Columbians up to $2 billion according to a report from UBC’s Program on Water Governance. The report says the government should stop Site C construction and send the project to the BC Utilities Commission for review.”  See: watergovernance.ca/projects/sitec/, stopsitec.org and justthedamfacts.ca

3. Google: "117 BC Liberal Falsehoods, Boondoggles and Scandals: The Complete List”, which is available as an online article and a PDF: thetyee.ca/News/2017/04/18/Tyee_LiberalList.pdf

David Buckna

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