GEID water no bargain

I cannot agree with the comments of Graeme James on April 18th regarding GEID water compared to the City.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the April 12th AGM of the GEID, but our rates are a lot higher than those of a friend with similar water usage and a similar sized lot.  We each have only 2 residents in the house, we both have large lots with extensive gardens, and both use similar amounts of water.  My bill was over $1,300 in 2016 and when adjusted for usage, ours was 47% higher than my friends.   

While I am uncertain as to the workings of the City and GEID, I am uncertain to what extent, if any, the GEID shares in the substantial provincial grants for water upgrades and the Development Cost Charges levied by the city for infrastructure.  

GEID water is certainly no bargain from my perspective.

Allan Fraser

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