Ranting About Smoking

Let's begin by laying down the issue: Smoking is hazardous to your health
and to those around you. Second hand smoke has been shown to contribute to
ailments among the non-smoking society. It causes cancer of the heart,
lungs, mouth... well basically it causes cancer, plain and simple. These 'death sticks' are habit forming and, unfortunately, appears to be
regaining popularity among the younger people in society. There is nothing
more irritating, in my opinion, then having some inconsiderate person blow
smoke in my face, or smoke while I am eating etc.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention something. I am a smoker. I have smoked for
many years and yes, I am addicted. I could probably quit, but it would take
a lot of assistance, Nicorette, and will power.

I am not a fool. I know all the issues related to smoking and you will never
hear me encouraging the act of smoking.

However, and this may shock some people out there, I am an ADULT. I am fully
capable of making my own decisions. I do not smoke inside my home if I am
in the presence of non-smokers, I always ask before lighting up. I do smoke
in my car but, and this is strange I know, it's MY car.

Never have I approached a non-smoker and ranted about the 'joys of smoking',
why they should smoke etc. Nor have I sat next to a non-smoker somewhere and
lit a cigarette, then proceeded to glance at the non-smoker in disgust
because they are not smoking.

Oddly enough, I have been approached by many non-smokers who have ranted
about the 'evils of smoking' why I should quit etc. Or I've been sitting
somewhere, enjoying a cigarette, and had a non-smoker sit next to me
(regardless of the fact that there are many seats available) and then
proceeded to glare at me, wave their hand in front of their face, and
generally make a nuisance of themselves.

The basic idea that I am getting at here is that I am sick and tired of some
people in the 'anti-smoking' community blaming ALL smokers for the rude and
unforgivable habits of some smokers. I don't encourage others to smoke, and
when someone quits smoking, I am the first to congratulate them.

In closing, to the anti-smoker's out there I make one request: Quit telling
me I should quit!! I know, I've read the reports just as you have. Either
that, or the next time I read something pro-smoking (which is a very rare
thing), I am going to make many copies and force these reports onto
non-smokers I happen to come upon, as ALL non-smokers (and by ALL I mean a
small amount of the total) do to me.

Thanks for allowing this rant,


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