Letter: Right Wing Govts

To the editor:

“Crime is on the rise in Kelowna. Year end crime statistics for 2003 reveal there were 17,813 crimes reported in Kelowna. That's a 16% increase over the number of crimes reported in 2002 or 2,603 more. Crime is also on the rise in BC, with an 8% increase in the third quarter of last year compared to 2002. Comparing third quarter stats by region, Kelowna Municipal Detachment increased 16%, Penticton 29%, Vernon 11%, Prince George 24% and Kamloops 22%.”

Anyone here not aware of or appreciate the correlation between increased crime and this provinces shift toward right-wing ideological principles and policies that lead to ever increasing disparity in income and opportunity? You want to stop crime? Stop Gordon Campbell!

Just so we’re paying attention:

“But the study also shows B.C. is behind in job creation and economic security, with middle-class incomes falling and poverty increasing. Executive Director Alan Durning says these kinds of studies capture critical long-term trends we forget about. "These kinds of things that tend to get lost in the headlines,"

This is Gordon Campbell’s “new era of hope and prosperity” – or more accurately, his “new era of lost hope and increasing disparity”. It is indeed interesting how little attention is paid in the (right-wing controlled) media to the continuing devastating effects of our provincial government’s agenda.

Pay attention folks! As long as we continue to elect right-wing governments, this trend will not only continue, it will accelerate. We are very quickly reaching the point of no return where multi-national conglomerates will be in complete control with all policy developed to maximize production and profit for an elite few, and no policy development “wasted” on social evolution or social well-being. Universal education and health care? Forget it! These will only be available to the very privileged few. Remember all those unions you were all so happy to see get busted. You’ll sure be wondering what you were so happy about, and wishing desperately that you had been better informed and able to see the long-term implications of the current union-busting agenda underway in our province today.

Hey, I will be one of the first to concede that there are things that need to be changed with the existing management structure in some of our unions. However, today they are (were?) the only opposing force fighting for equitable distribution of income, fair working conditions and employee benefits. With the unions castrated, these are just a few of the things we will immediately see start to erode.

The right-wing powers have expertly and successfully manipulated public perception, and made scapegoats out of the unions, minority groups (ie. immigrants) and welfare recipients. While we continue to blame these groups for our economic woes, the corporate elite continue to amass disproportionate amounts of wealth and power. Wake up people!


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