Bill C-51

Open letter to Ron Cannan:

Hello Mr. Cannan, 

I would like you to know I am vary much against this bill going forward in its current form. It has a severe lack of oversight and privacy protection for Canadian's as a whole and stunning lack of respect for the constitution and the values this country is built on. This conservative government has been playing the fear card a bit too much lately and I'm sick of it. I've watched the rights of citizens being taken away in the name of national security in the US and I do not want Canada to follow suit. 

I understand we live in a time where threats exist and it's up to the government to protect it's citizens. I also believe the government has a responsibility to set guidelines in how that protection is administered with proper oversight to ensure boundaries are not overstepped. 

I urge you and this government to listen to the experts, listen to the opposition, and listen to the people of Canada. Please do not rush this legislation through without considering appropriate changes that protect the privacy and well being of honest, hard working Canadians. 

As a side note, I'm also very upset at how many court challenges this government endures with every piece of poorly written legislation. That's my tax dollars being poorly spent and put right into the pockets of lawyers. Use the money to take more time in writing good laws! 


Jeff Willard

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