Nurses Have Had Enough

To the editor:

I am a Registered Nurse. I am a highly trained, unionized, government employee. I am not a superhero or athlete. I do not act as God, nor do I even think I am even close. There are people who do though, and it is this current government with Gordon Campbell acting as omnipotent as ever. It wasn't long ago that Gordo was in hot water for a certain indiscretion in paradise, but we forgave and forgot too easily. If I as a nurse were to do something like that, I can tell you that I wouldn't be doing the same job today with a criminal record. Trust would be lost, and I would probably be unable to even get work. Why is it that the government feel they can bully and proceed with what they think is right when so many people tell them it is wrong? Case and point, the recent HEU strike.

Not only did HEU walk out, they were joined by other unions and individuals. Even patients from the very hospitals HEU provides services for showed support for the cause. It is these patients that I too look after and now fear for their safety as there is talk of doing the same to the BCNU and HSA. I would like to let your readers know that most nurses are happy with what we are making right now, and are NOT asking for a raise. We ARE asking to keep things as is. That's it. Nothing more, and we won't settle for nothing less. If you have been watching TV or even been looking in at someone in the hospital you have seen the state our healthcare system is in. Poorly staffed wards, overworked RN's, and a government that turns a blind eye until someone like Ms. Hawkins is hospitalized, (who by the way used to be a RN but conveniently forgot that fact once in office).

Be prepared for worse that what we just saw with HEU because if the Nurses and other highly educated health professionals are demanded to take a pay cut, loss of benefits and further cuts in both funding and staffing levels you might as well start looking for a new health plan because there won't be anybody here left to take care of you, except maybe that teenager down the street with no education who will work for $10 to $14/hr to start and IV on you or your loved one.

Nurses have had enough, Doctors have had enough. Haven't you had enough? We don't cause the chaos, we try to help. The Campbell regime is the cause, help us cure it and support your RN's and other trained health care individuals because we will take care of you long after Campbell is gone.


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