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To the editor:

What planet are you on? The "bulk" of people in B.C. work in the private sector in non-union positions, with a huge amount of those people working for small businesses that could, at any time, close their doors and "poof" there goes the job and, guess what - NO PENSION, NO SEVERANCE and NO BENEFITS. Don't you think that if all of the public sector and government employees were put into private sector employment for one year they would appreciate what they had and quit whining?

People should be paid based on their experience, their knowledge and their willingness to work for what they are worth - not "just because they belong to the union". I know numerous people that do virtually nothing as compared to a private sector worker and get payed twice as much + benefits, just because. They don't have to "perform" to receive their paycheques, but merely "show up". Not saying that this is true of all union members, as I am sure the majority of employed people in this province have a sense of pride and do work hard for what they get - it's those people that should get all the perks - the higher pay, the better benefits, etc, not the slackers that take advantage of their union position. An employer can't even fire one of the slackers for fear of union reprisal! If private sector employees don't perform their jobs adequately, guess what!?

All of these people that just "demonstrated" and "protested" should be ecstatic with what they have. Trade unions played a substantial role in achieving the employment standards we have today in this country, yes, but the power they hold is wrong. When unions can hold the rest of the population "hostage" and then complain about the Provincial Government "setting us all free", there is something gravely wrong. When people's very lives are put at stake, as essential services "protested" there is something gravely wrong. Bless the Campbell Government for putting an end to the madness and shame on all of you that wanted to hold the province that you chose to live in hostage.


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