What's Your Truth Worth?

To the editor:

This letter is with reference to the HEU members' unhappiness with their own union. Now you know what everyone else thinks of your union and unions in general. What did your illegal strike accomplish aside from further degrading your already poor reputation?

It's time for you to enter the real world and drop your fairy tale opinion of yourselves. Your attitude that you and your fellow union members are more important than every other non-unionized member of society is repulsive and pathetic. I am ashamed to admit that I was a union member for many years until recently when I finally resigned my position due to union harassment because I refused to participate in their seemingly never-ending strikes and illegal job action.

I am happy to now earn an honest wage instead of one achieved through the taking advantage of and suffering of the sick and elderly. It's time to understand what your true worth is. And it is nothing more than any other hard working, non-unionized worker.


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