Fix The Transit System

I have been using the Kelowna Transit System now since September 2004 and I feel compelled to tell you how unsatisfied I am with the system.

Just so you know I rode the Toronto Transit System for the past 15 years, so I know what it is like to use a professional transit system. You cannot expect the folks of Kelowna to use your system when one is afraid of always being late for work because your busses are always late. First of all, your buses do not follow the schedule that you have posted, so why post a schedule? I can almost guarantee you that your Rutland 10 bus is always late on Friday afternoons. Yes, the buses must deal with traffic, but so does every bus in Toronto and guess what, they get you to your destination on time!

Toronto has far more roads and about 4 million more people to transport each day, so if they can get the folks to their designation on time, why can't the Kelowna buses? You should have someone timing the buses so that if one is running drastically late you can put another one on the route? I can't tell you how many times I have seen folks miss their transfer because of the bus being late. Once again, those poor folks have to wait another 15 minutes before another bus will come. Why can't they radio ahead and advise those busses to hang on for a few more minutes so those folks can catch their bus. This is not happening!

I once left work 5 minutes early just to stand on the bus platform from 2:55 to 3:25 in the pouring rain. During that period of time 2 buses should have come, but none did. When the bus finally did arrive I questioned the bus driver and she said she was on time. I said the bus was supposed to arrive at 3:00 and it is now 3:25 so how can you say you are on time!

If you are late, be honest and apologize for the inconvenience. If you can't handle the customers, get a job where you don't deal with the public. We pay to use this service and we expect the truth not lies.

On another occasion, I was waiting for a bus and one came but the bus driver said that he would not be leaving until 3:15? I said, "Well why is that when you are the 3:00 bus"? He stated, that he was not the 3:00 bus but the 3:15 bus. Within minutes another Rutland 10 arrived and he pulled up behind the 3:15 bus. I walked onto the road and told the 3:00 bus driver that the 3:15 bus driver was not moving because he was not leaving until 3:15 and too bad for him because he was late. The 3:00 bus driver then loaded up his bus and then pulls up along side of the 3:15 bus driver and says, "park your bus on the side until 3:15!" See even your own bus drivers are fighting amongst themselves about your schedule.

Secondly, why don't you have your double decker buses running during rush hour (7: 00 am – 9:00 am + 4:00 – 6:00 pm) as opposed to having it run on Saturday and Sunday when the kids aren't going to school.

For the past two days, I have had to stand on the Rutland 10 bus all the way to the mall because it was so overcrowded and I get on at Hollywood Road? It's not bad enough that your busses only run every 15 minutes, but if the bus is full and you can't let anyone else on, one must wait an additional 15 minutes!

Please fix these flaws in your system! I would love to continue riding the bus but I do not want to have to leave for work at 7:00 so that I can get on the bus and be on time for work when I start my day at 8:30.

Yours truly,

S. Baker

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